I am an Oakland County based certified personal trainer offering one-on-one personal training to individuals or group fitness instruction. Using guided routine and motivational techniques, I will help you achieve your personal health goals, including weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, injury rehabilitation, flexibility improvement, overall health improvement, or to increase sports performance. Free initial consultation; hourly rates will vary.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and have had a passion for sports and fitness my entire life. After having kids, I managed to pack on 40 unflattering pounds without even trying. After making the commitment to myself, and seeing my best friend drop the lbs (I wasn't going to be the chubby friend!!!), I tackled my weight like an nfl linebacker. I lost most of the weight in just 4 months, and have managed to keep it off with a few eensey weensy fluctuations here and there.

Although I lead an active lifestyle (I spin, lift weights, and play ice hockey), I can easily gain weight if I don't watch my caloric intake. Eating fruity pebbles at 9pm is bad too. In 2010 I began to study for my Certified Personal Training certificate from the NSCA and became certified in the spring of 2011. I am also CPR/First aid certified from the American Red Cross, certified from MadDog Spinning as a Spin instructor, and certified as a U10 coach by USA Hockey.