10 random reasons why you should work out at LeanRyde!

#10.  We use resistance bands on the bike for an AMAZING total body workout!

#9. Tyler lost 45 lbs with us!

#8.  We have a roomba named Jeeves. (Forgot to take his photo, sorry). 

#7. We sell zip fizz and our fridge has a cute little blue light in it. 


#6. Our stage has glitter on it. Everybody loves glitter. 

#5. We have a disco ball!

#4. It's super dark during class so nobody can tell if you're cheating. Not that anybody cheats, but just in case...

#3. It's like a club without the hangover. If you are hungover, see #4. 

#2. The majority of the instructors are proudly germaphobic - this studio is CLEAN. 

#1.  You will sweat, it's guaranteed.